Invera Equity Partneri invested more than 9 million euros in the Entrio platform

This was the largest investment cycle in the history of the ticket sales industry in Southeast Europe

Entrio, a platform for selling tickets for concerts, festivals, and events, has secured a strategic investment from Invera Equity Partneri, worth more than nine million euros, which, as the company points out, is the largest investment cycle in the history of the ticketing industry in Southeast Europe.

“We will use the investment to develop new products and services aimed at increasing sales results for event organizers and providing a personalized offer of relevant events for ticket buyers. The focus will be on the largest concerts as well as sports, theaters, conferences, museums, and attractions. For us and Invera EP, along with strong growth, it is a priority to keep and continue to develop the excellent organizational culture within the Entrio team that we have been building for the past 13 years,” emphasized the founder and CEO of the Entrio platform, Berislav Marszalek.

The Entrio platform was founded in 2011 as a response to the need for a simpler and more modern way of selling and buying tickets, and today it is the leading event platform in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This is the fourth investment of Invera EP, alongside Museum of Illusions, Marles and Kompare. Entrio shares a common factor with the rest of our portfolio as a strong B2C brand with exceptional potential for scaling, which is one of our areas of expertise,” said Denis Sabolović, Investment Manager at Invera Equity Partners.

As they point out, the Entrio platform is doubling its revenue for the third year in a row, and in 2023 they sold more than one million tickets with a total value of more than 16 million euros for over 3,000 events.