January 2022 – present


Timber-frame construction

Geographical footprint

DACH, UK, Italy, France, Slovenia, Croatia, and other markets




# 1

Largest prefabricated construction company in the Adriatic region


Buildings built all over Europe


Years of experience

The largest producer of prefabricated buildings in the region

In January 2022 Invera EP became a majority shareholder in Marles Hiše Maribor, a leading producer and exporter of prefabricated houses and buildings in the region with strong reputation and footprint across major European markets.


Invera EP recognized the company’s brand strength, know-how, product quality and competitiveness, in hand with an opportunity to further expand geographical footprint and increase profitability through brand leveraging, process improvements, production modernisation and bolt-on acquisitions.

Post-acquisition highlights

  • 30.4% revenue growth in the first full year of operations post-acquisition (2022)
  • 20% increase in monthly production output in the first full year of operations post-acquisition (2022)
  • 10% employee growth in the firstfull year of operations post-acquisition, including key C-level functions and leading industry experts (2022)
  • EUR 2.5m+ invested into production optimization and modernization (2022)
  • Operational improvements of 25% identified

Value Creation

  • Brand development
  • Operational improvements
  • Geographical footprint expansion
  • Organic growth
  • Acquisition growth

Thoughts behind the investment
„As a strongest regional brand with 80 years of experience in wooden prefabricated construction, Marles is challenging the status quo of a conventional industry.”

Thoughts from entrepreneurs
“Invera was our preferred investor for Marles because of their emphasis on enhancing corporate governance and streamlining of the processes. Their keen focus on driving production efficiency, boosting profitability and geographical expansion aligned perfectly with our vision for the future. Furthermore,  recommendations from Invera team reinforced our belief that they were the right partner to propel our business to new heights.”

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